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The team at Brahman Hills are driven by a commitment to our team members, guests and suppliers driven by behaviour that is defined by certain actions. 


To share some of these we aim to ....

1. Always show up

2. Make conscious choices

3. Push boundaries whilst listening and believing in our guests and ourselves.

4. Innovate and create whilst striving for excellence and never make excuses.

5. Get over the finish line every time with a commitment to non stop learning.

6.  Make people of every generation our priority, whilst focusing on possibilities.

7.  Translate all feedback into opportunities and dreams into realities.

8.  Celebrate diversity and the unique

It is a simple commitment to be unique as individuals, to be unique as a property and to create unique and treasured memories for our guests.

The Feline Family

We are currently in the process of managing a large feral cat population that is a result of domestic cats being "left behind" and then going on to breed extensively. All our cats are rehabilitated ferals that we keep until we can spay and rehome into a safe domestic situation. This means they are currently in transition. 

Please keep this in mind, as they are not good at cuddling and do not like being picked up or poked. They enjoy a stroke now and again, but being around humans is the best way that we can prepare them for their new lives.