Do as I say and no one gets hurt

Do as I say and no one gets hurt


This playful and spur-of-the-moment sculpture was made during an artists' residency at the Art Eye studios in Jhb.

I spent a lot of time on the roof of the 5-story building looking down on the inner city and was struck by the incredible wealth and poverty living side by side.

It started as a foam-carving exercise and at the time I had no idea it would end up being cast in bronze, so the sculpture has a care-free, kind of punk and non-sophisticated feel to it. Initially I called it "High net-worth individual", but then I settled on "Do as I say and no-one gets hurt" as to me it came to be about the control (or rather perceived control) we seek. We think we need others to behave a certain way for us to be happy, and so we are desperate to find ways to control other people and circumstances. We hope that wealth will buy us more control over our lives so we can finally be happy and at peace.