Explore our magical gardens

Our labour of love over lockdown has born fruit…and some veg, and herbs and loads of fragrant blossoms. That’s right! It is our pleasure to present the Brahman Hills’ pleasure gardens to you. We are hoping you find them as beautiful and utterly rewarding as we do.

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Sensorary, ornamental and essential

The garden is a sensory delight: the lush green foliage offsets the bursts of blue, purple and delicate pinks. With the gentle splash of water and the peaceful setting, it's an idyllic spot to be. The landscaping is given dimension and interest thanks to the tiered terraces and multi-level flower beds. These levels also provide unique outlooks for those taking in the sights or, from the other perspective, enchanting backdrops for photoshoots.

Not only is the garden a pleasure to amble around, but it also serves an essential function. Aside from the ornamental planting scheme, the design also includes an extensive kitchen garden which is used to supplement the Brahman Hills kitchen. This is so important for various reasons. Firstly, we can reduce our carbon footprint; secondly, we can provide the freshest seasonal produce as it's grown basically right outside the kitchen door and lastly, we can be 100% sure of the quality and ethical sourcing of our products because we grow, harvest and prepare them ourselves.

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A garden built with love

We couldn’t care for guests, prepare meals or host weddings during lockdown. But we could make a garden!

Read how we did it