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You are probably well acquainted with the art and majestic landscape of the Midlands in KwaZulu-Natal, but what do you know about the world-class sculptures that call Brahman Hills Gardens home?

In a collaboration with Art Eye Gallery, which recently opened at Gowrie Farm in the heart of the Midlands, a collection featuring some of South Africa's most talented sculptors has been carefully selected to add a sense of culture and history to our gardens.

These majestic gardens are more than a mere display of pretty plants and shrubs. While the garden has ornamental plantings and a kitchen garden with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs that complement the in-house restaurant, it now also serves as an outdoor gallery for art lovers.

"I see everything" by artist Lee Scott Hempson.

Built with Love in Lockdown.

Before we delve further into our newest artistic update, we should remind you that the Brahman Hills gardens were created amid the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown when most people were without jobs.

Our staff had the foresight for better days outside and a time when you would all be able to enjoy the outdoors again. So, they started preparing a garden that would be the perfect welcome-back gift.

The Brahman family came together in a time of adversity to create an absolute piece of perfection driven by passion. You maybe thinking, it’s just a garden, nothing special right? Wrong! Our garden is a sustainably-driven sensory oasis, complete with repeating geometric motifs, structured pathways, and lush green foliage - all created for you to enjoy!

A True Work Of Art.

All inspiring a sense of stillness and appreciation for the arts, the 10 sculptures bring an elevated sense of beauty to our spectacular gardens.

Experience fine art by South Africa’s most talented sculptors as you amble around the gardens. On display you will find an impressive list of SA’s top artists which include the likes of Grace da Costa’s “Schoolgirl with a dog”, and JD Ross bronze "leopard" among many other masterpieces.

The bronze leopard by artist JD Ross.

Art Eye Gallery and Brahman Hills are pleased to present these works of art to our customers, bringing culture and understanding to the ever-changing landscape of contemporary art in Africa.

Our goal is simple: to inspire you every time you visit Brahman Hills.

The Brahman Hills Team

The Brahman Hills Team
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