Embrace the beauty of spring!

Goodbye winter

As the chill of winter recedes and nature awakens with vibrant hues, there's no better time to visit Brahman Hills than during the enchanting season of spring.

We invite you to visit our botanical wonderland with its lush landscapes, serene ambience, and endless views of blooming flowers that celebrate the beauty of spring. Whether you're seeking a romantic getaway, a family picnic, or a peaceful retreat, an unforgettable experience awaits amidst the blooming wonders of spring.

Blossoming paradise 

As the last traces of winter vanish, the landscapes burst into a symphony of colours. Rolling hills and meadows come alive with an array of flowers, creating a breath-taking panorama that's perfect for leisurely strolls or picnics. The garden's paths and walkways are lined with indigenous flowers, grasses, and water features, offering a true feast for the eyes and a unique opportunity for any nature enthusiasts. Imagine having a spring picnic and hearing the gentle sounds of birdsong while overlooking the verdant hills—a serene way to start your day. Picnics can be arranged upon request, and we have a picnic menu available on our website.

The winding walkways and open lawns make for the perfect stroll, featuring repeating geometric motifs in circles and rectangles within the hard landscaping. These motifs are softened and beautifully contrasted by the abundant flowers and plants. Interspersed throughout this landscape are oases of water - fountains, ponds, formal pools, and a lake. Additionally, artistic sculptures have been strategically placed, guaranteed to take your breath away.

Plants of special interest include Agapanthus, Autumn bulbs, Begonias, Clematis, Conifers, Fruit blossom, Fruit bushes/trees,Grasses, Hemerocallis, Herbs, Irises, Lavender, Magnolias, Maple,Rhododendrons/azaleas, Roses, Shade-loving plants, Sweet peas, Vegetables, and Wisteria.

What is the buzz about?

Our Brahman bees are ready to create a buzz this spring as they play a crucial role in nurturing thriving ecosystems and safeguarding our environment. Our garden serves as a poison and chemical-free oasis for our organic vegetable garden, hosting 16 buzzing beehives. Our dedicated beekeepers extract over 200 liters of raw honey—an exquisite elixir infused into our culinary creations. Additionally, our garden serves a vital purpose as we cultivate and harvest a diverse array of organic seasonal produce, just steps away from our kitchen.

Spring into wellness

If you need a spring reboot, the multi-award-winning HealingEarth Transformative Wellness Spa at Brahman Hills is a haven of tranquillity.Indulge in rejuvenating treatments inspired by nature, unwind in the steam room, or take a leisurely swim in the pool surrounded by views of the hills. The spa offers the perfect sanctuary to soothe your senses and connect you with serenity. Take a look at our specials page on our website to get yourself into a spring reboot.

Celebrate spring

Spring is a magical time when nature reawakens, and landscapes come alive with color and vitality. Our garden, meticulously landscaped and thriving as a cherished sanctuary, yields an abundant bounty of fruits, vegetables, and captivating blooms throughout the year. It holds the distinction of being one of only 2 Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Partner Gardens in South Africa, offering a symphony of experiences that capture the essence of the season.

We invite you to celebrate the beauty of spring in a setting that's nothing short of paradise.

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The Brahman Hills Team
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