Holidays over? Don’t be sad, let’s plan your next one!

Welcome to the new decade and a brand spanking new year to start living! If you are just now getting over the shock of a re-immersion into a full working week, then let’s give you something to help you recover. There’s nothing like dreaming about your next getaway to reduce that glazed look in your eyes and put a bounce back into your step. In this post, we are going to round up our top tips for a Midlands break. So break out that 2020 yearly planner you got for Christmas from your auntie start prepping for your next holiday!

Ohmmmm... it's time to relax

It’s after the mad, merry rush of the festive season, so maybe your next break needs to shift gears. Are your body and mind telling you its time to unwind and unplug? Well, there’s plenty to do, and not to do (so to speak) in the Natal Midlands. Pop up for a few days and enjoy the peace in some of KwaZulu Natal’s most beautiful surroundings. From the sweeping majesty of the Drakensburg mountains to the bucolic meadowlands of the Midlands farms; from the acacia spotted veld to the gurgling brooks and cascading waterfalls that trickle through the landscape, the Midlands has plenty to offer the eyes and restore the soul. And while you are taking advantage of reconnecting and recovering in such beautiful natural settings, why not do yourself a favour and throw in a spa session, or two or three? There is probably nothing more geared towards inducing a state of relaxation and bliss than an hour or so at the spa. Check out our blog posts on top spa treatments to help you find the pamper perfect for you.

Oh yes, it's possible. Everyone can be happy

Ok, so for those of you with ankle biters, you know going away - be it for a day trip, weekend getaway or full-blown holiday - can be hit or miss. Long car trips, hangry passengers, aloof teenagers and nothing to do that appeals to everyone. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Check out our blog post on tips for places you can take the kids that’ll also be fun for adults. Go-kart racing, arts and crafts where the whole family can get hands-on, playgrounds and animals farms with excellent cafes, zip-lines for the adventurous and a whole heap more. There’s no end to the family-friendly activities on offer in the Midlands, and all you need to do is select from the smorgasbord something that’ll keep your crew amused and make your getaway a definite hit.

Even if you're a little crazy

If, on the other hand, you tend to be more of a thrill-seeker and your breakaways need to include the requisite adrenaline-fuelled adventures, then you will not be short of rush-inducing action in the Midlands. Be prepared to pepper your social media profile with impressive shots of you tearing up the terrain on your MTB as you race through the Karkloof trails; or perhaps a dizzying bird’s eye view of the entire region from the basket of a lofty hot air balloon. If the balloon isn’t fast enough for your thrills, why not get your fill of heights with a dash of speed by experiencing a zip-line canopy tour through the Karkloof canopy? Or aim for something a little closer to the ground - like clay pigeon shooting, horse-riding, trail running…The list goes on, and for more information, have a quick look at our post which details some of the activities in the Midlands, especially for the adventurous souls out there.

Just connect with the past...

There is, of course, a select group of people who meander through the Natal Midlands, not in search of arts, crafts or artisanal eats, but in search of something a little less tangible. Things that cannot be bought in a store. They are hunting stories. Rich and vibrant stories of our shared past that played out dramatically on the fields, valleys and hills of the Midlands. The region is awash in historical significance, and a little scratch beneath the surface will reveal a glimmering residue of times gone by. If you are one of these select seekers, then you’ll want to read what local historian, Rob Caskie, has to say about the history of the Midlands and how to tour the area with an eye on the past.

And savour the present

Now, in what sounds like a tale of the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker gone haywire, the origins of the Midlands Meander lies with the potter, the painter and the weaver basket-maker…well a couple of each actually, who decided in 1985 to invite the public to the area to have a look at the arts and crafts they had on display in their studios in the Midlands and meet the artists themselves. En voila, roll forward three and a half decades and you have the thriving Midlands Meander that we all know and love. Still, at its heart lies the arts and crafts, now accompanied by a country-style accommodation, a host of cafes, pubs and restaurants, local markets and artisanal food producers. If, on your next break, you are keen to indulge in a bit of art, then have a look at what’s on in our art post, or if you’re a bit of a foodie, then be sure to check out our local foodie’s post for top producers to visit.

With so much to offer any visitor, there’s no need to indulge in any post-festive blues. Instead, get prepping for your next Midlands getaway and give yourself a real pick-me-up. Keep an eye out for our accommodation specials at Brahman Hills and Springholm, and you can take advantage of some great deals…bet you’re feeling better already!

The Brahman Hills Team
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