How to spa like the elite: top 6 luxury spa treatments

Gone are the days when a pamper session at the spa was the purview of the rich with time on their hands and money to burn. That’s right, there’s a new elite in town and the spa doors are opening wide for you - the bride to be, the overloaded parent, the stressed workaholic, the serious athlete and the not so serious athlete.

So, what does this mean for you?

We all live in a frenetic world. It leaves you feeling frazzled, burnt out and disconnected from others, right? This means we all need to seriously start scheduling in a little “me time” at the spa. It’s vital for your well being and it’s also really fun! So do yourself a favour, whip out that calendar ring up your mates and plan a day at the spa. It is well worth it and we’ll show you why.

How do you pick the very best treatment for you?

But what if you’ve poured over the spa menu for ages and you’re just bewildered by the choice and confused by the terms? Well, worry no more! The Spa Team at Brahman Hills is going to give you the insider know how, so you can do a Spa Day like the elite. Ready?

1. The Head Massage
Hmmmm… just thinking about a massage is relaxing. But what exactly is a head massage? Well, this treatment is focussed on… you got it: the head! But it can also include the neck and shoulders. It’s a deep tissue massage (this means firm pressure) that targets specific pressure points on the head and neck and uses massage techniques to relieve stress and tension. Your therapist will use fragrant essential oils designed to enhance your relaxation and here’s a bonus: they’ll also nourish your hair. If this treatment appeals to you, you’ll want we wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes… oh, and you might want to take along a hair band to wear after the treatment!

2. The Deep Tissue Massage
This is the serious massage for those of us carrying around some chronic aches and pains. There is going to be some firm pressure and slow massage techniques used by your therapist. This lets your therapist get to the deeper layers of muscles and tissues to break apart scar tissue and tackle your “knots”. There are plenty of benefits to a deep tissue massage - increased mobility, relief from chronic pain, stimulated circulation and the rehabilitation of sports injuries. For this treatment, you going to want to keep well hydrated and make sure that the rest of your day is chilled out while your body rests.

Deep Tissue Massage

3. The Pregnancy Massage
If you are looking for a little pregnancy pampering, then this massage has your name written all over it. For all the mothers-to-be out there who are busy nurturing and supporting a growing little bundle of joy, you know that your body and mind are working overtime and you deserve a good rubdown. The benefits are the same as a traditional massage - it’s going to relieve strain and tension and release those happy hormones. However, a pregnancy massage is especially adapted to take into account your changing body shape - that means lying comfortably, possibly on your side, or getting some comfy support with extra cushioning. You can have firm or light pressure according to your preferences, as long as it remains pleasant for you. So if you’re considering a preggy pamper and you have the all clear from your doctor, then the number 1 tip is to chat to your therapist. Finding the rub too vigorous - let your therapist know. Is that morning sickness making an unscheduled appearance - tell your therapist. Keep those lines of communication open and you’ll leave one relaxed and happy mama.

4. The Hot Stone Massage
Ok, so as the name suggests, this massage involves heated up stones. What the therapist will do is place warm basalt stones bathed in essential oils at specific pressure points on your body to warm up your muscles and help you slip into a state of ultimate relaxation. Then using hands and stones, the therapist will go to work on your tweaks and twinges. By the end of your session - if you are still awake - you’ll get to leave one relaxed, restored happy camper. Sound heavenly? Then you have to give this massage a try. Our tip is to avoid heavy meals just before your treatment and if those stones are too hot for you, let your therapist know. Remember, it’s a pleasurable pamper, not a feat of endurance.

Hot Stone Massage

5. The Body Scrub
With this treatment, you’ll strip to your knickers so that your whole body can be vigorously rubbed with an exfoliating and nourishing formula. If you’re a little shy about your modesty, don’t worry the therapist will use towel draping techniques and work on your body section by section to make sure you are never uncomfortably exposed. The scrub will cleanse and smooth your skin while those nourishing ingredients go about hydrating and soothing. Keen to give it a go? Then wear clothing that’s easy to get in and out of and keep the rest of your day clear. You’re not going to want to do anything too vigorous afterwards.

Boby Scrub

6. The Wrap
This is an entire body, full immersion treatment that is used primarily to either hydrate, smooth or slim (temporarily). You’ll have to undress down to the paper underwear for this one, but don’t feel awkward, that’s routine at a spa and good therapist know just how to maintain your modesty. Your body is then coated with a formula infused with all sorts of marvellous minerals or nourishing oils. Once you’re all wrapped up in either cotton cloth, bandages or film, you’ll be covered in heated towels or a thermal blanket. Then it’s just a case of drifting off and letting the treatment work its magic. So whats the benefit? Well, depending on the ingredients and wrapping techniques, you’ll see different results. On the whole though, wraps will open your pores and cleanse, hydrate and detoxify your skin and leave you feeling relaxed. When you go in for your wrap, you’ll want to wear loose comfortable clothes that’ll be easy to strip off and just as easy to whip back on again at the end. And remember to keep hydrated!

But the very best part?

You can pick your pleasure! Some of us enjoy an intense massage session, while others prefer a sedate manicure. Either way, the treatments offered at the Brahman Hills Spa each have their own appeal.

Now that you are a spa aficionado, you can confidently browse through our Spa Menu and spoil yourself (or someone else), to a treatment that’s just right.

The Brahman Hills Team
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