Internationally Recognised Award-Winning Garden

It takes teamwork to make the dream work

The visionary garden, comprising 26 distinct garden rooms designed by landscape artist Tim Steyn, unfolds across the five-and-a-half-hectare expanse within the Blue Crane Nature Reserve. Amidst the challenges of a national lockdown, over 200 of our dedicated hotel staff brought this botanical masterpiece to life in a mere eight months.

Our botanical wonderland features a harmonious blend of grasses and perennials lining meandering walkways, circular water features, and wide garden stairs. According to Tim Steyn, "All areas have been designed for maximum visual interest, entertainment, interlude for photography, and opportunities to linger and stroll."

The garden stands as a testament to careful planning, with graded levels, pathways, dry-packed stone walls, pergolas, and water features. Wild grasses, flowering perennials, and evergreens mirror the Midlands sky in hues of pinks, purples, blues, and whites. As it extends into the rolling hills, the garden seamlessly becomes part of the landscape itself.

Getting noticed – RHS Partner Garden

In January 2023, we officially joined the prestigious ranks of RHS Partner Gardens, which was a proud moment and testament to what can be achieved against all odds if you persevere and dream.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), established in 1804 by the British botanist Sir Thomas Andrew Knight, holds a Royal Charter since 1861. With a membership of 600,000, the RHS is renowned for iconic events like the Chelsea Flower Show and its five distinguished RHS Gardens in the UK.

RHS Partner Gardens showcase unique landscapes and span over 200 locations globally. We are recognised as one of only two official RHS Partner Gardens in South Africa.

Standing proud on a global stage

On the 9th of November 2023, our garden won the Overseas Regional Winner title in the RHS Partner Garden of the Year Competition. This accolade not only recognises the positive impact of gardens on health and well-being but also solidifies our garden’s position on the global stage. 

The unwavering support from voters resonates deeply, and we're excited to unveil the magic of our garden to the world. This prestigious award reinforces our dedication to creating a garden that stands out globally.

“We are all thrilled with this award. We are opening phase 2 of our gardens in May 2024, aiming to uplift the profile of gardening inKwaZulu-Natal, and this award will help get more people interested in gardening and gardens.”  — Orrin Cottle, CEO, Brahman Hills.

The magic behind the scenes

There is a dedicated team tirelessly maintaining our botanical wonderland behind the scenes; they infuse their passion and love for gardening, ensuring it remains a vibrant and enchanting space for all our visitors.

Here is what our visitors have to say:

Incredibly colourful

"Spectacular indigenous garden, incredibly colourful, and reminiscent of an old English garden."

Amazing sculptures

"The best garden in South Africa: Well-kept, diverse plants, amazing sculptures, and beautiful trims."

 Friendly staff  

"What a gorgeous spot. The garden is huge and well-kept. The staff were polite, kind, and super friendly, eager to show us the place."

The Brahman Hills Experience

We believe that the extraordinary is possible, we will keep dreaming big and building behind the scenes, we are excited, restless and on the edge of our seats to unveil our plans for the garden to you soon…

Come and explore our botanical wonderland and find the magic for yourself!

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The Brahman Hills Team
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