Legendary Lads’ Weekend: Our Top Picks

Are you looking to celebrate with the guys before the big day? Keen to avoid the drunken debauchery that leaves you with no good memories, actually make that absolutely zero memory at all, of the “special” time spent with your mates? Good idea. Read on to discover some killer ideas for a legendary grooms getaway in the Natal Midlands which are guaranteed winners.

In our previous wedding post, we covered some ideas for the women of the bridal party, and now we feel it’s only fair to spread the love and share our top groomsmen getaway ideas for the guys. You are, after all, key players in the big day and you too deserve some pampering time!

What’s the groomsmen’s role

So, we know you are dying to know how your role in the wedding tradition evolved, so we are not going to keep you in suspense! Back in the day - like the olden, olden days - groomsmen may have been called on to help kidnap the bride or, alternatively, protect her from dastardly would-be abductors. Groomsmen in Roman times were not only there to witness the nuptials, but also to confuse any evil spirits by dressing like the groom. Sounds like heavy going.

Although you may not be called on in this day and age to lay down your life for the groom or abduct the bride, you still have a key role to play, albeit slightly less combat-ready. You’ll stand by your “brother” during the ceremony, take the floor in style during the first dance - maybe watch some strictly dancing beforehand if necessary, you may be called upon to give a speech, make a toast or MC the event and critically, you’ll need to be on hand to plan and take part in the most legendary bachelor party ever.

Now, this last one is a biggie. You need to plan it right. That means good times, great friends, memories for a lifetime, happy groom and happy bride… Yip, the last one is again a biggie.

Plan the perfect pah-tay

Not an easy balance to achieve, but we’ve decided to make it easy for you. At Brahman Hills, we have your dream destination bachelor break right here, and we are going to give you some ideas to make your stay even more memorable. Adventure awaits, so it’s time to get planning the ultimate lads’ getaway.

The braai and hot tub

Ok, did we just say the two magic words? That’s right, plan to spend a day out on the sun deck under glorious African skies surrounded by the rolling green hills of the Natal Midlands. We have your obligatory braai facilities, backed up by a bubbling hot tub on patios of the Brahman Hills luxury self-catering cottages.

All you need to do is bring your stock of charcoal, choice of braaivleis, garlic loaf and potatoes - the green salad is totally optional. Make sure you pack a pair of baggies and shades, and you’ll be set for the day: nursing a cold beer, smelling the sizzling boerewors cooking and lounging in the jacuzzi. We can’t think of a more quintessentially South African way to share special times with your brotherhood, so be sure to include a ‘dop ‘n chop’ ritual in your plan.

The great outdoors

Will your mates feel the need for speed? Do they need a little bit of an adrenaline rush before settling down to a more sedentary evening of chirp and chow with the boys around the braai? No problem. There are plenty of adventures to be had in the Midlands.

You could consider including a day of zip-lining around the Karkloof nature reserve, going up in a hot air balloon, tackling the MTB routes that crisscross the countryside, saddling up and hitting the trails on horseback or water sport aplenty at the Midmar dam. Check out our blog post for thrill-seekers with more ideas and links.

The pub crawl

If you are going to head along the meander for the traditional pub crawl, it is critical that you organise transport with a reputable service provider or you have a designated driver. There are plenty of country pubs along the Midlands Meander that you and the guys could pop in to visit - try the Austrian inspired Bierfassl with its offering of over 35 different beers from around the world, and the pub at the Notties Hotel has been a historic wayside stopover since the late 1800s and still going strong.

And, of course, the perfect place to party with friends is right here at Brahman Hills. Pull up a stool at the 70 seater bar - Copper - located in the wine cellar of the Barn. Cosy fireplaces, comfy seating, delicious bar menu and you are all set for an awesome night with your crew.

The round of golf

Are the crew keen golfers? Then step right this way because you’ll want to play a round on the Gowrie Farm Golf Course. Ranked in the top 50 of South African short courses by Gold Digest, this course boasts classic design strongly influenced by Scottish roots. Sounds like a place where you’ll enjoy breaking out the sand wedge. Here is a hole by hole run down to whet your appetite.

You could also try the Bosch Hoek Golf Course located in Balgowan and taking full advantage of its scenic surrounds. This is another short course which has been designed around glittering waterways and majestic trees. Take a look at their course overview to see what this has to offer the golfing enthusiasts.

And the best bit about a Midlands bachelor break?

Everything is close by, and you needn’t mission far. If you plan on indulging, be sure to organise safe transportation, and you are good to go. Easy peasy, you have your legendary boys breakaway in the heart of some of the most beautiful surroundings that Natal has to offer.

The Brahman Hills Team
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