Luxury just levelled-up at the Brahman Hills Spa

Right, hands up! Who's scrambling to find their centre and looking for some serious wellbeing SOS?

Fear not, friend; you are not alone! Let's face it, after the last year and a half, there are few who aren't primed for some deep relaxation in the lap of luxury. The temptation to lay down your cares and be on the receiving end of skilfully administered wellness therapies is hard to resist. Which is a good thing because you shouldn't! This is one temptation we encourage you to indulge to the max. In fact, we'll go so far as to say it's your duty to your mind, body and spirit. And with our recent revamp, the Brahman Hills Spa has just upped the ante to give you a results-oriented wellness experience that is unrivalled throughout the Midlands.

While there's no denying that the Midlands Meander has healing natural beauty to spare, Brahman Hills is a brand that prides itself on going that extra mile to be helpful. And sometimes even mother nature needs a hand. So, to fully harness the palliative power of the earth, we've added brand new spa facilities, enhanced our use of the beautiful setting on the Blue Crane Nature Reserve, refreshed and refurbished our existing spaces and brought in the real Macoys of holistic healing. We're a veritable pleasure palace, and you get to play the resident lord or lady for your stay. Now, doesn't that sound…heavenly? Let's have a look at precisely what you can get at our renewed Midlands spa experience.

What's new for you at the Brahman Hills Spa?

Oh boy, are you in for a treat! We are so excited to offer our guests something that you just can't get anywhere else in the Midlands.

Professionals Spa Therapists Are On The Case

For starters, we not leaving your health to chance, so we've partnered up with multi-award winning wellness brand Healing Earth. Partnering with these fabulous people was an easy sell: our values, ethics and vision align perfectly. Their highly-skilled therapists and bespoke product range create signature treatments that blend natural goodness and modern luxury into a destination spa experience that is quite irresistible.

Indoor Heated Pool with a Midlands View

On top of the professional wellness team at Healing Earth, we have also embarked on some major physical changes to the spa. It has always been unique in design and structure, and now, with its latest overhaul, it also boasts an indoor rim-flow swimming pool, deliciously heated for a long relaxing soak- and just check out those views!

A luxury heated indoor swimming pool? Ooo, yes, that’ll do nicely.
A luxury heated indoor swimming pool? Ooo, yes, that’ll do nicely.

Outdoor Spa Facilities is a Sunny Prospect

Besides the indoor pool, the new outdoor facilities include a deck with sun loungers and a panoramic view of the Blue Crane Nature Reserve. So you can sip on your favourite beverage while soaking up the natural splendour that unfurls across the horizon and maybe spot some wildlife while you’re at it.

Kick back and relax under the wide Midlands’ sky
Kick back and relax under the wide Midlands’ sky

Our Midlands Sauna Brings the Heat

When it’s time to turn up the heat, head on over to our hottest new offering: the Spa’s sauna. This treatment is all sorts of good for you: muscle relaxation, pain relief and the perfect setting for some deep meditation - just don’t forget to take in the view while you’re about it.

The new sauna is sizzling hot with one cool view
The new sauna is sizzling hot with one cool view

Let off Some Steam

And finally, take a load off and unwind in our stylish steam room. A spell in these healing vapours will increase circulation, improve blood pressure, reduce stress, clear sinuses, heal broken skin tissue and a whole lot more. Plenty to see here as well!

The beautiful Brahman Hills steam room with picturesque panorama
The beautiful Brahman Hills steam room with picturesque panorama

Finally, a Word on The Refurb

And we haven't neglected what we already had. Following in the spirit of newness and transformation that saw the creation of our gardens, the opening of our new restaurant Skyfall and the upgrades to our accommodation, the Spa has also been given a makeover. And who doesn't love a makeover story? The entrance, bridal room, cocoon tranquillity lounge and treatment rooms have all been treated to an interior renovation and, the rooms in particular, have been redesigned and refurbished to make the most of the spectacular scenery.

The refurbished treatment room with Instagram-worthy views.
The refurbished treatment room with Instagram-worthy views.

So whatever your reality: whether you're feeling the pressure of the daily grind, looking for a well-deserved pamper or celebrating a special life event, you know when it's time to give your parasympathetic nervous system a jolt of the good stuff. We invite you to join us at Brahman Hills, where we are dedicated to creating a luxurious wellness experience par excellence that'll keep you coming back to us, first as guests, then as friends and family.


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The Brahman Hills Team
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