Sustainability saves the day!

Want to know what drives us at Brahman Hills? What makes us excited and optimistic for the future?

It’s the fact that we’re committed to running a completely sustainable business built on a foundation of conservation, environmental awareness and a passion for our people. Long before it became trendy and sustainability was the buzzword on everyone’s lips, the Brahman Hills team was already putting its sustainable vision into action.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

Brahman Hills’ in-house irrigation and sewage system is something we’re very proud of. With a sophisticated purification process that provides water for irrigation and drinkable water by the time, it’s cycled through our system, we always have a fresh clean water supply that’s essential to all life at Brahman Hills.

Our new structured pathways and tranquil settings were thoughtfully designed with materials that would last a long time so we deliberately eliminate waste and its impact on our planet.

We decided on solar power in our efforts to remain as eco-conscious as possible and minimise our carbon footprint. It’s all about creating harmony with the planet and our people in every way we can.

Profit, people, and the planet.

Planting a variety of trees with over 1000 trees planted in the last year is one of the ways we will ensure a future for our business and the community.

We operate off-the-grid to protect the planet’s resources, minimise our carbon footprint and eliminate the mentality of wastage by turning our food waste to Bokashi which is soil amendment that adds nutrients and improves our soil texture.

The zero-waste movement is something we strive to uphold every day by using materials for longer and combating its impact on the planet.

We grow, harvest, and prepare all seasonal produce ourselves, so you can always count on ethically sourced ingredients.

We’re in the business of shifting lives and will be for the next 100 years which is why we’ve built our business by merging three types of sustainability to create harmony:

Social sustainability – Protecting and caring for our people

Economic sustainability – Doing business, responsibly

Environmental sustainability – Protecting and caring for our natural habitats

We even “bee-lieve” in keeping our bees so that we can continuously pollinate plants and vegetables and extract superior quality honey for use in our kitchen.

A sustainable paradise indeed, Brahman Hills is self-sufficient, environmentally conscious, and has a long-term plan for sustainable success and that includes our people. We believe in the value of our people and our key leadership are shareholders in this family we call Brahman Hills, when we profit they profit.

You see at Brahman Hills; social sustainability is a part of how we run our business. Caring for the generations to come is something we are also very passionate about which is why we’re working on building a sustainable business that will remain for our children’s children.

Have you had the pleasure of enjoying our place of harmony?

We’d love to meet you!

The Brahman Hills Team
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