The best way to celebrate Valentine’s at Brahman Hills

Valentine's Day - commercial claptrap or a welcome reminder to love it up? It's a busy world out there, and we sometimes forget to give our relationship the pat on the head it needs. So maybe the world's most romantic day is about more than candies and cards? Let's have a look at what people really want to do on Valentine's Day. Feel inspired and get ready to reap the rewards of a successful Valentine's Day campaign.

What does your partner want to do on Valentines Day?

Everyone is different. But stumbling through the front door at the last moment wielding a withering bunch of flowers from the local BP convenience store is probably not going to end well. It doesn't scream thoughtful. To win the day, there has got to be some planning involved. It must show Love and Appreciation. And that's what Valentine's Day is all about.

According to a survey conducted by couples' app,, most people want "something classically romantic". This means dining out, watching a movie, or taking a romantic stroll. These have stood the test of time because they work. You get to spend quality time with your loved one away from the typical day to day distractions.

Who has to plan the big date?

Who has to do this planning and appreciating? The numbers are in. According to this survey quoted in the Business Insider, most people think it's a joint venture. Yippee! In a day celebrating a couple's relationship, it's totally in the right spirit of the day.

But, some folks like a surprise while their partners love giving them. Good enough! The figures are telling here as well. The survey results show that if there is only one partner doing the planning, then most feel it's up to the men. Only 2% of respondents believing it should be women! (In that case, feel free to forward this e-mail on to the "interested parties"!)

How to celebrate Valentine's in the Midlands

We know that organising a meaningful Valentine's Day can be intimidating, perhaps overwhelming and time-consuming. We're going to change that for you. Here are some ideas for spending your Valentine's at Brahman Hills in the Midlands that'll make the planning fun and exciting.

The Brahman Hills Valentine's Day Special

We are unashamedly leading with our Valentine's Day Special. It has the dinner date, romantic setting away from the hubbub and hand-holding strolls aplenty. This ticks all those classically romantic boxes that couples actually want.

There are two options on the cards. You can go for the hotel room or one of the self-catering cottages for the night. Either way, the scene is set for your arrival with a romantic turndown - petals, Pongracz and mouthwatering macaroons.

Then you and your starry-eyed, soul-mate will be treated to a 3-course meal at Brahman Hills Cafe. Lots of candle-lit romance and tender memories in the making. No hard work over the stove or dishes to scrub.

Morning brings a delicious breakfast for two and a couple's 60-minute massage at the Brahman Hills Spa. Now, that's how to celebrate Valentine's Day!

The picnic for the people in love

Wide-open spaces with hills and valleys. A grassy knoll with a lakeside view. A nature reserve with wandering wildlife. These picturesque scenes are all on the cards when you opt for a picnic set up at Brahman Hills.

You can order from the Picnic Menu and then - viola. Like magic, a picnic spot with cushions and petals is all set up for you to enjoy a romantic outdoor feast with your favourite person. Of course, if you'd prefer to stroll around and set something up yourself, then you can ask for your basket of goodies to be delivered to your accommodation and you can take it from there.

Kick back at the Spa with couple's treatments

If the two of you enjoy a little spa time, then how about splashing out on a couple's treatment? All the rooms at our Spa are kitted out with two beds - even the baths are designed for couples. So you can rewind and relax together.

There's plenty of choices too. Try a 90-minute full-body massage - deep tissue, aromatherapy or hot stones are all options. Keen on a sugar body scrub or a mineral bath? You can do that too.

This offers a rare opportunity for you as a couple to relax and rejuvenate together. Which is a pretty awesome way to spend your Valentine's Day.

Spend some time QT - just the two of you

If you want to enjoy Valentine's Day in seclusion, then that's easily done. Organise with the staff at Brahman Hills for a personal chef to come around to your self-catering cottage to whip up a romantic dinner in the privacy of your own accommodation.

Remember the popularity of the romantic stroll? Well, you can wander the Blue Crane Nature Reserve at your leisure. Amble as far as you want and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings in each other's company. Then how about ending it all in the jacuzzi on your private deck overlooking the reserve? Scenes like these are basically what Valentine's was made for!

It's all about the two of you

The ultimate way to spend your Valentine's Day really depends on the two of you. Hopefully, this post has given you a few ideas to make your Valentine's Day as remarkable as the relationship you are celebrating.


The Brahman Hills Team
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