Top 5 bridal party pastimes that’ll pamper your girls

You’ve picked your peeps who will be parading down the aisle with you. And now you are looking for the best way to say “thank you”, and “you’re the best” and “pass the wine, you bottle hog”. Or perhaps you and your gal pals want to forgo the fiasco of a hellish hen’s night? Well, we think we have the perfect solution for you. A mini-break with your nearest and dearest to Brahman Hills! But before we get into all of that, let’s have a sneak peek at the origins of the bridesmaid tradition…

What’s with the bridal party?

It’s always interesting to know where these age-old wedding traditions find their roots and why we still practice them today. Some brides opt to use family members in their bridal party. Others want their BFFs at their sides while a few do away with the role entirely. Whichever route you go, it’s worthwhile knowing why the tradition started, how it evolved, and what it is today.

Ok, the dirty truth is that the bridal party backstory just isn’t that romantic, steeped as it was in evil spirits and rampant kidnapping. In ancient China and Rome, the bridesmaids, all dolled up like the bride, would serve as decoys for any would-be kidnappers. The thinking was that hopefully a bridesmaid would be abducted accidentally instead of the more valuable bride… And their role wasn’t confined to the corporeal realm. In Rome, they were expected to do double duty and confuse and fend off evil spirits that may threaten the bride. In the Anglo-Saxon tradition in ye olde days of yore, the bride actually hurled her shoe at the bridesmaids instead of the bouquet. And Victorian bridesmaids used their bouquet to ward off those pesky evil spirits again. Foiling nefarious kidnappers, duping demonic spirits and ducking flying footwear? Now that’s some commitment to the cause. So while you’d like to think that your girls have got your back, this may be asking a bit too much.

Let bygones be bygones.

Let’s just say that the duties today for bridesmaids are generally far more palatable and the connection far more emotional. These girls are your tribe, your solidarity sisters, and when they agreed to help you get hitched, they also picked up a boatload of work. They’ll perform multiple tasks and run numerous errands leading up to the big day. They have your back and are your emotional support system during a momentous time in your life. On the big day, they’ll run interference, be on hand with pins, tissues and touch up kits. They’ll hold your dress while you go to the loo, dance until the night is long gone and shed a tear or two for your happiness. They are irreplaceable, and what better way to celebrate this special bond than a girls’ getaway?

Let’s plan the perfect party.

In light of the above, we’ve decided to list a few of our favourite things to do at Brahman Hills with our best buddies.

The Soul Sisters Spa Treatment

This one has to be right at the top of any pamper list. It is the quintessential indulgence and the perfect way to pamper your bridesmaids. Is there’s anything better than a confab with your besties during a group mani and pedi session? We don’t think so! Except maybe a muscle-melting massage or soothing facial. Yes, please! Let’s have some spa magic at the ultimate bridal party getaway.

The Fine Wine Fling

Say a fond farewell to decayed debauchery. Why settle for a sleazy night out in a sordid club when you can have the finest? Want to treat your ladies to a night out in a refined, stylish and comfortable setting? Well then, welcome to Copper - the snug 70 seater bar tucked away in the wine cellar below the Brahman Hills Barn. You’ll get a cosy fireplace, comfy seating and a night with your besties to remember.

Hot Tub Heaven

Ah, the iconic dip in the jacuzzi. What better way to relax with the girls? Each self-catering chalet on the Blue Crane Nature Reserve boasts a bubbling jacuzzi on a glass protected porch. You can revel in good times with the gals, swig sundowners on the patio and unwind in the jacuzzi while soaking up the uninterrupted outlook over the rolling Midlands hills all day long until you’re sipping champers under the darkening sky spangled in countless stars. Oh, now that’s happiness in a hot tub.

Feast and Be Merry

If you’re looking for feasting and merrymaking, then you don’t have to go far. There are a host of dining options you can choose from which will be only a stone’s throw from your accommodation. At Brahman Hills, you and your crew can enjoy fine dining at the Brahman Hills Cafe, Copper, Copper on 89 or the Stables Restaurant. And if you are staying in the self-catering chalets and feel you’d like a personal chef for a change, we’ll send ours round from the hotel to make culinary magic right in your kitchen while you kick back and relaaaaax.

Picnic Party Paradise

Take your bridal party show on the road and set off for a bucolic picnic on the extensive grounds of the Blue Crane Nature Reserve. Gorgeous backdrops for photos, plenty of local wildlife - the non-threatening kind! - and a packed picnic full of delicious delicacies to sample. Check out what's on the Brahman Hills picnic menu for your outdoor dining pleasure and then get ready to head to the hills!

And that’s not all

Let’s not forget that the Midlands itself offers up a host of activities along the Meander - have a look at our Midlands Blog for even more inspiration.

Whether you are a bride or a bridesmaid, be original and think outside the box. Organise for the special ladies in your life a truly memorable getaway before the frenzy of the big day begins. You’ll build bonds and make memories that’ll last a lifetime!

The Brahman Hills Team
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