Transforming boring conferences into unique experiences!

Transform your conference or event into an engaging, immersive, and unforgettable experience!

We understand that business revolves around people and we know that everyone hates a dull conference or event. By selecting the ideal venue for your conference or event, you can set yourself apart from the rest. Whether you're organising a team building weekend, a product launch, or a lunch with colleagues, we offer the perfect solution to create a unique and captivating experience. Our goal is to ensure that your conference or event surpasses expectations and becomes a resounding success rather than a mere obligation.

We prioritise engagement and interactivity, providing conference facilities that inspire rather than hinder. With our range of modern venues capable of accommodating 10 to 150 people, along with diverse food and refreshment options, your event is bound to be truly memorable. Additionally, we eliminate the hassle of finding accommodation for your delegates by offering luxurious comfort in our king-size hotel rooms or self-catering cottages conveniently located near your chosen conference venues, ensuring a seamless experience for your attendees.

Selecting Brahman Hills as your conference venue offers more than just a space. You can enjoy the added benefits of abundant wildlife, a variety of restaurants and bars, an on-site spa, and access to the captivating Midlands Meander. Whether you prefer tailor-made setups in our spacious areas, adventurous team building activities reminiscent of the Hunger Games, or brainstorming sessions in our wine cellar, we cater to all your needs.

To simplify your decision-making process, we have provided a breakdown of each conference space, highlighting their unique features and facilities. Once you have determined the room that best suits your requirements, we can get down to business.

Here are the details of our conference spaces:

The Agility Hub:

Situated in the adjacent Blue Crane Nature Reserve, the purpose-built Agility Hub is a sophisticated venue capable of accommodating up to 120 people. It consists of three interconnected White Rooms that can be reconfigured to meet your specific needs. Conveniently accessible from the central courtyard, the Agility Hub also provides exclusive use of The Stables restaurant and toilet facilities.

The Nguni Room:

Located in The Barn, the Nguni Room is perfect for small meetings, briefings, or as a breakaway space, comfortably accommodating 14people. Its tasteful ambiance and proximity to our restaurants and bar facilities make it an excellent choice for hosting meetings, private lunches or dinners.

The Lake House:

With its remarkable large glass windows offering uninterrupted views of the Midlands, the stand-alone Lake House is an exceptional venue. It can host up to 150 people and serves as an ideal dinner or lunch location for your conference. The stunning panoramic views inspire creativity and encourage engaging discussions, providing a truly memorable experience.

The Glass House:

Conveniently situated near the hotel, the Glass House is a stand-alone venue that can seat 380 people. It is perfect for large meetings, briefings, or alternative team-building activities. The floor-to-ceiling glass doors provide scenic views, while the dedicated kitchen makes it an excellent choice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner gatherings.

The Obstacle Course:

Prepare for an exhilarating experience with our full-scale obstacle course, complete with a zipline, tailor-made for team building and excitement at your event. Push boundaries and challenge limits as you engage your participants in an unforgettable adventure.

When you have a dedicated conference coordinator, organising a successful event becomes effortlessly streamlined. Allow us to introduce our exceptional team, equipped with all the essentials including pens, paper, and the perfect adapters. Gone are the days of scrambling frantically to arrange refreshment breaks or dealing with projector malfunctions.

Leave all the logistics to us while you simply sit back, relax, and witness your conference soar to new heights.

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The Brahman Hills Team
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