We celebrated a remarkable year, and now we are ready for 2024!

Looking back at 2023 with gratitude for the success we achieved allows us to be inspired by boundless excitement for the promising journey that 2024 has in store!

We were fortunate to have the unwavering support and loyalty of our valued guests, dedicated teams, invaluable suppliers, steadfast shareholders, our community, and the wonderful brides, grooms, and corporate clients who made 2023 truly remarkable.

We were officially recognised as an RHS Partner Garden, followed by an international award, all while pursuing the dream of scaling our garden and experience atBrahman Hills to something extraordinary

In 2023, we had the opportunity to meet new guests and hosted over 70 amazing weddings, 60corporate events, and 27 other events. We celebrated an achievement of excellence for The Healing Earth Transformative Wellness Spa at Brahman Hills by winning another prestigious award: the Best Boutique Spa Award for 2023 from the esteemed Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Awards.

Here are some highlights of our 2023 milestones!

A winning partnership

A year ago we officially became members of the prestigious Royal HorticulturalSociety (RHS) Partner Gardens, one of only two in South Africa. This proud moment was a testament to what can be achieved against all odds when you persevere and work together as a team to fulfil a dream.

On the global stage

On the 9th of November 2023, our garden won the Overseas Regional Winner title in the RHS Partner Garden of the Year Competition. This accolade not only recognised the positive impact of gardens on health and well-being but also solidified our garden’s position on the global stage. This prestigious award reinforced our dedication to creating a garden that stands out globally.

Multi award-winning spa

In July 2023, The Healing Earth Transformative Wellness Spa at Brahman Hills achieved another milestone by winning the prestigious Best Boutique Spa Award for 2023 from the esteemed Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Awards.

These awards, presented in association with Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Paris, are designed to promote service excellence within the Spa & Wellness Industry.

The spa is committed to delivering the highest standards and creating multi-award-winning spa experiences for our guests. A big congratulations to the Healing Earth team for consistently delivering excellence in all that they do!

Exceptional experiences

Our guests are like family, whether they stayed with us, enjoyed a memorable meal, or celebrated their dream wedding here. We were committed to create unique experiences that leave lasting memories, and we look forward to welcoming more this year!

Building the extraordinary

In the realm of boundless imagination, we believe that the extraordinary becomes possible through ambitious dreams. Working tirelessly behind the scenes, we are eager to unveil our incredible garden to you soon.

What is in store for 2024?

We are on the edge of our seats with excitement and have so much more planned for this year.

Prepare to be blown away by the enchanting Dragon’s Eye - a serene space that invites you to relax and be transported to another hidden world. Our new bee kraal will elevate your visit; we are upgrading our 16 bee hives and offering an up-close view. Additionally, you will discover new sculptures in the garden as you embark on a journey of exploration and marvel at the colossal giant emerging from the hill. Alternatively, you can immerse yourself in nature with the 3km Forest Walk. For the more adventurous, dare to take on a vertical climb on the Indezi river walk—nothing short of extraordinary awaits you this year!

Experience the extraordinary

Prepare to be swept away by a weekend celebration that explores the unparalleled beauty of never-ending rolling hills, lush valleys, and our award-winning garden, revealing a wonderland in harmony with nature and creativity. Enjoy delightful dinners where you can indulge your senses in a culinary journey of taste, curated by a renowned guest chef. Start or end your day with a rush as helicopter blades thunder into action, lifting you above the majestic gardens to get a bird’s-eye view of the enchanting ‘Dragon’s Eye.’ Pamper yourself by escaping to our haven of serenity for spa treatments that will balance and restore your mind, body, and spirit.

We are launching The Brahman Hills Experience from the 10th to the 12th of May. Bookings will open in early February 2024!

Here’s to an incredible 2024, experienced together!

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The Brahman Hills Team
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