Wedding ideas we think are wow. Just wow.

No, no! Don’t recoil in horror at being advised to follow some lame trend seen at a bazillion other weddings. We like you and would never do that to you! Instead, what we have assembled here for your perusal is a list of inspiring ideas we have caught sight of. We are passing them on to you and hope they’ll get you fired up for your own festivities!

The thing is that you want to be on trend. But 20 or 30 years from now, you also want to look back at your wedding pictures and give a gusty nostalgic sigh, maybe shed a sentimental tear or two. Cringe in horror? …mmm, not so much. So the best way to stay on trend is to glean some killer ideas that are out there, but then go and make them your own. That way, they’ll really stand the test of time.

You’re a busy bride to be, so without further ado, here are our favourite wedding ideas:

Eco-friendly festivities

This heads up our list because, in this day and age, there is no excuse not to make your choices green. This means thinking through your options and trying to go the more eco-friendly route. It might not be possible to have every facet be 100% eco-friendly. But to follow the reduce, reuse and recycle mantra is the right thing to do, and you’ll be surprised at how much it helps simplify and streamline your wedding. Hosting a more sustainable wedding can influence many factors from your flower choices to your wedding favours. Consider using recycled stationery for your invitations, cards and menus. You can also do your bit by banning straws and reducing single-use non-recyclables like floral oases. Pick flowers or foliage that are local and in-season. Not only will this help your budget, but it helps promote a more natural seasonal demand. And let’s not forget the favours - think potable presents or seeds for sewing. For those keen on charity donations instead of traditional favours, you could consider supporting an eco-friendly cause. At the end of the day, you’ll not only be happily married but also feel like you’ve done your bit for a worthwhile cause. Do the good feelings get any better?

The fashion of foliage

It’s time to really feel the foliage. Couples are showing more and more leaf love at their weddings. And it’s no wonder why. The fabulous thing about decorating with foliage is that it is multi-functional, varied and can be incredibly impactful. It also helps that it can be great filler without biting as deep into your pockets. We can get behind that thinking. So, for your wedding, why not consider shrubberies as centrepieces? Imagine hanging trails of ivy for the ultimate romantic touch, adorable head wreaths for the flower girls or heavy swathes of foliage behind the main table to bring the outdoors indoors. Of course, the other great function of foliage is the aroma. Scented bunches of eucalyptus, sprigs of rosemary or cotton lavender are examples of foliage that’ll give your wedding a fragrant flair. Add them to bouquets, tie them to the pews or hang them from lighting fixtures. The combinations are endless, and with a bit of creativity, you’ll have yourself a wedding with the wow-factor.

Moody or minimalist

We are seeing more couples opting to tone down the fussy decor and florals and turn to a more minimalistic scheme. The upside of this trend is that your guests will be able to converse at their tables without craning their necks to see each other around towering, elaborate centrepieces. Also, by minimising the bits and bobs, your tables will avoid looking messy and uncomfortably overloaded.  The same goes for makeup. Brides are choosing light, natural covering that enhances their features, rather than loads of makeup applied by palette knife. It’s definitely the season of less is more.

Meanwhile, in the colour camp, we are seeing the moody colours making a play for favourite. Say goodbye to the saccharine, sugary pinks and hello to the subtle, natural palette including burgundy, purple, magenta, rose pink, greens and even black. Add touches of metallic if you need to have yourself some shimmer and shine with dusky gold or copper tones. The thing to keep in mind about the colour scheme is that, firstly, it appeals to you and secondly, that it will be timeless. Neon signs may be funky now, but will they stand the test of time? Ultimately, there are no rules, and you get to decide what works or doesn’t because you are the bride boss and this is your wedding.

Let there be light - loads of it!

By minimising the finicky decor details, couples are choosing instead to focus on mood lighting. The “thousands of twinkling stars” effect remains, as always, very romantic and impactful. Strung around trees, suspended across the ceiling or trailing down walls, this lighting option is a winner and not a strain on the budget. Candlelight with its soft glow and dreamy quality stay as wedding favourite and are especially impressive en masse and in conjunction with mains mood lighting.

Give guests a unique wedding experience.

Now, this is where you can really get original. Favourite bands, fire-eaters, flame throwers, dancers of all stripes and singers. Couples are choosing to gift their guests with a wedding experiences that are truly reflective of them and their style. You could think out the box here - marimba bands, bagpipes, gumboot dancers, traditional dancers, stand up comedians - it's really a matter of taste and budget. There is even a growing trend of the bridal party putting on skits. Be warned, these need to be very carefully planned and choreographed, or it could go horribly, awkwardly wrong. But there is potential there for something extraordinary and personal.

Evergreen themes

According to Anne Warman, the wedding decor expert at E by A, some themes are perennially popular. The country wedding, with its full-blown romance, natural beauty and gorgeous photo ops, has it all. The rustic vibe continues to produce stunning weddings and goes well with the country theme - think mason jars, string lights, wood and lace. Vintage is another theme that offers bridal couples the ultimate opportunity to dial up the romance. Antique-looking decor, weathered doors and worn-in wood seats are the order of the day here. Anne suggests that brides looking for something a little out of the ordinary might like to consider “cool, moody colour palettes and creative stand-ins.” When asked about any wedding trends that have made an impact with her, she revealed: “The movement towards the Shabby Chic style always brings wonderful original ideas. The combination of teal and burgundy or deep plum and navy with accents of gold or rose gold.  The style of the flowers... natural using berries and lots of greenery.”

Whatever direction you choose to go. However you decide to celebrate your union. The important thing to remember is that it is a celebration for you and must reflect you. But a good rule of thumb to keep in mind is: those wedding photos need to be wall worthy 30 years from now! Now go and enjoy!

The Brahman Hills Team
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